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Funding opportunities related to research and development, innovation and rebates related to recycled water use in Australia.

Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse

The Australian Government's ten year, $12.9 billion Water for the Future plan provides a national framework integrating rural and urban water issues, and is built on four key priorities: taking action on climate change, using water wisely, securing water supplies and supporting healthy rivers. The National Urban Water and Desalination Plan is a key component of 'Water for the Future' and will provide investment of $1 billion to establish new sources of water supply through the use of desalination, water recycling and stormwater harvesting.The Government has committed a minimum of $200 million under National Urban Water and Desalination Plan for urban stormwater harvesting and reuse projects that reduce the demand on potable water supplies.For more information on the funds available click here

Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence

One of the goals of The Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence is that the social, economic and environmental value of water recycling is demonstrated and enhanced. The most recent funding round aimed to identify and support both Applied and Strategic research projects that support this goal. Funding for this round (Round 3) is now closed with 38 Expressions of Interest (EoI) received. For more information

Water for the Future - Australian Government

Through Water for the Future, the Australian Government is investing in a range of programs over 10 years to address four key priorities; taking action on climate change, using water wisely, securing water supplies and healthy rivers and waterways.

For more information visit the DEWHA website.

Horticulture Australia Limited

HAL has funding available for projects related to the advancement of a sustainable  horticulture industry in Australia. Details of industry research priorities and funding opportunities are on the website. For more information...

Water Quality Research Australia

(WQRA) Research projects page lists funding and research project opportunities. WQRA focuses on collaborative research of national application with a focus on drinking water quality, recycled water and relevant areas of wastewater management. For more information...

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

An Australian Government corporation aiming to work  with industry to invest in research and development for a more profitable, sustainable and dynamic rural sector. For more information...

If you have a funding opportunity related to recycled water use, research and development in any field, please contact us if you would like it to be listed here.


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