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We have compiled a collection of audiovisual material, presenting recycled water schemes, lectures on recycled water use and advances in technology for water treatment. Contact us if you would like your video housed here.

On Site Water Recycling Trial

(June 2004) by Earth Tech. Download this movie (4.3Mb)

Surbiton Park Water Recycling Plant

(September 2009) by Water Infrastructure Group. Download this movie (6Mb)

Virginia Pipeline Scheme

(September 2009) by Water Infrastructure GroupDownload Movie (6 Mb)

Eastern Irrigation Scheme

(September 2009) by Water Infrastructure GroupDownload Movie (7 Mb)

Campaspe Water Reclamation Scheme

(September 2009) by Water Infrastructure GroupDownload Movie (5 Mb)

CDM Cities Of The Future Podcasts

Evolving Wastewater Treatment Plants from Waste Facilities to Resource Facilities In this episode of the Cities of the Future series, Dr. Marie Burbano talks about creating energy, reclaimed water, and fertilizer at wastewater treatment plants. (Sept 2010)

Model – recycled water use presentation by Dr. Grace Mitchell, Monash University, Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum

Dr. Grace Mitchell, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Water Resources at Monash University spoke about “reusing our urban water resources: from house to city scale” at the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum. Her talk introduced yet another important aspect to urban sustainable water use – recycling water and the different degrees of water purity. This diversity of water standards are then applied according to the scale and context of use. Watch the talk

University of Leeds School of Civil Engineering

presentation series on wastewater, and a bunch of useful links on use of recycled water from sewage effluent use in irrigation worldwide.

Horticulture Australia Recycled Water Tour to Israel and California

(2002) by ABC TV, Arris P/L and Horticulture Australia Limited Israel Movie. Part 1. (29Mb) - Hosted by Netafim. California Movie. Part 2. (19Mb) - Hosted by Earth Tech. Due to the large size of these files, they are only available by request.  Please contact us if you would like a copy of the DVDs sent to you.