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Study tours

A number of successful study tours have been previously facilitated by Arris and Atura in relation to recycled water, involving key stakeholders in the recycled water and associated industries.

Upcoming tours

If you have an upcoming study tour related to recycled water use and would like to promote it, please contact us.

Previous tours

2010 Integrated Water Supply Solutions - commissioned by the IWA Victoria

IWA (Institute of Water Administration) commissioned Atura to conduct a study tour on Integrated Water Supply Solutions in June 2010.  The study tour investigated the integration of a diversity of water sources when managing regional and urban water supplies into the future; greywater, stormwater, aquifer water, desalinated water, recycled water, reservoir water and rainwater.

This study tour provided an opportunity to understand and address these key issues for water industry representatives. Some areas covered were:
  • Strategies for the provision of water security in the face of climate change and uncertainty
  • Incorporation of water sensitive urban design principles, addressing environmental impacts of integrating water supplies and developing appropriate alternative energy solutions.
  • Understanding landscapes as water catchment areas, and harnessing the diversity of water supplies in light of competing demands for water of varying quality and volumes.
  • The latest desalination technology in operation and in development, as well as challenges and solutions associated with the operation of a desalination plant.
  • Integration management and water quality challenges associated with capacity management and the blending of a variety of scarce water sources
  • Communication and customer service challenges, issues and opportunities relating to public relations, community engagement, customer perceptions, education and uptake


IWA wishes to acknowledge the contributions of Daryl Stevens and Jodie Hannaford from Atura Pty Ltd for their work in organising a memorable study tour for all delegates.

Study Tour report (PDF 4.5 Mb)  

2008 Sustainable water sources, innovations and applications - Opportunities for Australia - United Arab  Emirates (Dubai), Israel, Spain

This study tour was conducted by Daryl Stevens at Atura and Jim Kelly from Arris.

Study Tour Report (PDF 2.8 Mb) .

2005 Recycled Water Study Tour - Singapore, Mexico, USA (California & Florida)

This study tour was conducted by Daryl Stevens at Atura and Jim Kelly from Arris.

Final Tour Report (pdf 2.3 Mb)

2002 Biosolids Investigative Tour - France & England

A study tour to England and France was designed to give people involved with biosolids in Australia an opportunity to experience, first hand, how biosolids are managed in these countries, ultimately improving our management of biosolids in Australia. The tour formed part of the communication strategy for the Australian National Biosolids Research Program. The program has the overall aim of developing a sound scientific approach to assessing and implementing realistic guidelines for agricultural use of biosolids, suitable for a wide range of Australian soils and environmental conditions.

Download the Final Tour Report (pdf 1.4 Mb) 

2001 Horticulture Australia Recycled Water Study Tour  - Israel & USA (California)

Download the Final Tour Report (pdf 1.6 Mb)





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