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This website is a communication outcome from the Australian Coordinator for Recycled Water use in  Horticulture, funded through Horticulture Australia Limited. Outcomes from this project to the horticultural  industry are made possible by the Commonwealth Government’s 50% investment in HAL’s research and  development initiatives. This site is managed and maintained by Arris Pty Ltd.

This website aims to provide the information and resources to help horticultural industries and their practitioners understand and learn about the diversity of water supplies and help coordinate reclamation and reuse of urban wastewater in Australian horticulture. It also aims to provide resources to improve public understanding of recycled water and the diversity of sources and uses it can be put to in the hope of achieving greater acceptance and use of recycled water.

Project aims are to:

  • Facilitate sustainable management of reclaimed water in horticulture
  • Improve public and industry understanding of recycled water use
  • Provide sound independent advice for growers and developers
  • Identification of actual and perceived risks to enable minimizing of risks associated with recycled water  use in agriculture
  • Encourage greater acceptance and safe use of recycled water
  • Improve the flow of information on recycled water uses and practices
  • Improve feedback and involvement with growers to ensure reuse schemes are developed that best suit  those involved and are viable in the long-term.
  • Minimise risk of one poorly developed or managed scheme jeopardising the industry nationally
  • Improved public perceptions of recycled water use in horticulture

Potential benefits from irrigation with recycled water include:

  • A safe, renewable, reliable and consistent quality water resource
  • Significant environmental benefits, which can be included in quality assurance environmental  management programs
  • Cost effective and efficient development of sustainable water resources
  • Well-developed and targeted codes of practice, assisting in adoption of best practice for the industry
  • Increased monetary returns for irrigators
  • More efficient use of our limited water resource (including substitution of potable water resources)
  • Implementation of semi-voluntary environmental management programs, preventing trade barriers  (unacceptable environmental practices) that lead to market rejection of produce
  • Maintenance of ground and surface water quality
  • Improvement of soil salinity from good irrigation practice
  • Recycling of nutrients

Project Supporters

Horticulture Australia Limited recognizes this project as important for the long-term sustainability of  horticulture in Australia. The Project Officers work for Horticulture Australia Limited and on the advice of a Steering Committee approved by Horticulture Australia Limited.

Over the life of the project, there has been support from Brisbane Water, Earthtech, United Water, Clarence City Council, Toowoomba Water, Water Corporation, Power and Water, SA Water, Regional Urban Water Authority, Melbourne Water, Qld EPA, Vic EPA and DPI Qld.





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